Meet Raquel

Dedicated to service.

Throughout Raquel’s life, she has maintained a strong commitment to serving her community and country. As a refugee who came to the United States at the age 10, Raquel’s life story is living proof of the American Dream, and she wants nothing more than for everyone to have the same opportunities she had. She knew from a young age that anything was possible in America, and she has remained committed to serving the nation that gave her so much.

That’s why at the age of 19, she joined the CT Army National Guard and went on to become the 1st Female Soldier of the Year. Her dedication to service only grew from there. As a 25-year small business owner, the Chair of the City of Miami Beach’s Personnel Board, and the President of Miami Beach United, she has always been present in our community helping others.

She’s also seen firsthand how service can unite us. During the pandemic, when many were struggling, she volunteered along with dozens in our community to feed those in need.

Now for nearly two decades, Raquel has been advocating for residents, committed to public safety, a strong economy for all, and making sure everyone’s voices are heard.

Focused on everyday issues.

As a homeowner, she understands that the cost of housing and insurance has gotten too high, and as the mother of a school-aged child in the public school system she sees how Florida’s education system has been degraded by our government. Raquel is ready to tackle these issues head-on to ensure that we create opportunities for everyone.

As a refugee and immigrant, she understands the unique challenges that face our communities, And as a Miami Beach homeowner, a mom, and a small business owner, she has a vested interest in the betterment of our communities. That is why she is running for State Senate- to ensure that we improve our quality of life and move forward as a community in UNITY.

Raquel is ready to build a people-powered campaign focused on fixing the everyday issues that affect everyday people, their families, and their communities. She has the experience, the tenacity and the commitment required to get the job done for Floridians.

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